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Sometimes a change of perspective is all it takes to see the light.

-Dan Brown

Affirming online counseling for the autism community.

Hello, my name is Marcie Williams!

Marcile Williams-LPCC

I'm a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with lived experience as the mom of an autistic adult son. While parenting can be a very rewarding experience, I also understand the challenges that come with navigating the differences between the way a neurotypical parent might interpret or experience a situation and the way our children do. I have oftentimes felt frustrated, hopeless, and wondering if I would ever understand my son let alone have a harmonious relationship with him. Arriving at a place of happiness and peace in our relationship was a process that required a deeper understanding on my part of how my life experiences shaped me and my parenting style. It also involved a shift in my own perspective about autism which made a major difference in the way I now interact with my son. The changes I made allowed my son and I to build a mutually respectful, trusting, and loving bond with each other. It has allowed him to grow in his own understanding of autism and begin his journey of self-acceptance and self-love. If you feel disconnected with your child, or you’re feeling frustrated, confused, or alone in navigating this unique journey, maybe I can help.

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